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FEBRUARY 2020      TAP TIMES          -10-                                              UC Berkeley chem-
                                                                                                    ists created a type
                                                                                                    of halide perovskite
                                                                                                    crystal that emits
          UC Berkeley Scientists create                                                             blue light, some-
                                                                                                    thing that has been
        blue LED from halide perovskite                                                             hard to achieve
                                                                                                    with the trendy new
                                                                                                    material. But the
        BERKELEY, Calif.–University of Cali-                                                        researchers also
                                                                                                    found that these
        fornia, Berkeley, scientists have                                                           materials are inher-
        created a blue light-emitting diode                                                         ently unstable,
        (LED) from a trendy new semicon-                        In a paper appearing in Science Advances,
        ductor material, halide perovskite,                     UC Berkeley chemist Peidong Yang and his
        overcoming a major barrier to em-                       colleagues show that the crystal structure
        ploying these cheap, easy-to-make                       of the halide perovskites changes with
        materials in electronic devices.                        temperature, humidity and the chemical
                                                                environment, disrupting their optical and
        In the process, however, the researchers                electronic properties.
        discovered a fundamental property of ha-
        lide perovskites that may prove a barrier
        to their widespread use as solar cells and              Inherently unstable
        transistors.                                            Without close control of the physical and
                                                                chemical environment, perovskite devices
        Alternatively, this unique property                     are inherently unstable. This is not a ma-
        may open up a whole new world for                       jor problem for traditional semiconductors.
        perovskites far beyond that of today’s                                                        Next page
        standard semiconductors.

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